Europe's first catch and release aquarium

So what does this mean?

We are not like any other aquarium in Europe, our creatures stay for a maximum of 4 weeks before they are returned to the sea, right where they came from.

Not only does this practice minimize our impact on the environment, it means our displays will be different every month.

Get your hands wet

They can be squishy, slimey or spikey, and some even squirt water.

Touch and feel the amazing creatures that live just below the water in Tobermory Bay.

Great for younger ones and the young at heart, it's the plaice to be!

about us 2


Our seasonal display is sustainably collected by the local community.

From divers and fishermen to families, we all chip in.

With so many amazing creatures in our local waters, there is no need to import species from further afield.

Sea Deeper

Do scallops have eyes, crabs have noses or jellyfish a brain?

We don't expect the creatures to communicate for themselves, knowledgeable staff members are always available to discuss ideas and answer questions.

We like to involve our visitors in all aspects of our day to day operations, so you may be invited to feed or even help release our creatures back into the ocean.