Aquarium Season Pass


Buy your class a Mull Aquarium School Season pass and have a great time learning outside the classroom. Your pass includes a touch pool session, a marine lab program, a guided aquarium tour, and it’s valid and for up to six visits (from April to the end of October). Your pass is transferable between classes, so everyone can enjoy it.

We have over 30 displays that can be incorporated into project work, a cinema room and interactive sand pit demonstrating topography, interactive exhibits such as the plankton station, pulleys and knot tying, virtual dives and a wave tank. As well as 14 tanks, full of local species that could be used to inspire students for their art projects, as a basis for scientific studies and surveys, practice for language studies, and counting and colours for the younger children.

Mull Aquarium’s education programs offer:

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Hands on activities
  • Touch pools and Microscopes
  • Fun and interactive challenges
  • Lively question and answer sessions
  • Tailored to your curriculum needs

Details & Cost

We offer engaging, hands-on, curriculum based programs for children from P1 to 7, and S1 to 3. These programs allow students to explore their local environment and inspire them to get curious, get involved and take action. All programs teach children about the importance of habitats, biodiversity, food chains, anatomy and adaptations. Our knowledgeable staff and volunteers will guide your students through these programs. Each of them is experienced and passionate about marine biology and conservation... and they can’t wait to meet you! * Sessions need to be booked in advance.

Topics include:

  • Adapted to life
  • Alien invaders
  • Micro plastics
  • Microscopic monsters
  • Fun food chains

£120 per season pass

With 6 class visits (20 students per class), thats just a £1 per student per visit! The season pass is transferable between classes or the same students can visit 6 times, it's completely up to you.

Please contact the aquarium for further information regarding sessions, price breakdown, and further general enquiries.