Classroom Aquatics

Learn about local habitats and sea life from the comforts of the classroom over 8 weeks.

This interactive workshop is aimed at improving knowledge of the animlas living in our coastal waters, and which habitats are best for them. Includes rockpooling session and setting up your own classroom aquarium.

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Dive into the mysterious world of the rocky shore.

Discover the weird and wonderful plants and animals that live on our seashore and how they have adapted to living in this challenging environment.

All necessary equipment is provided by the Aquarium.

Aquarium Season Pass

Treat your class to a Mull Aquarium school season pass and have a great time learning outside the classroom.

Your pass includes a touchpool session, a marine lab program, a guided aquarium tour, AND its valid for up to six visits.

Your pass is transferable between classes, so everyone can enjoy it.

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Marine Labs at the Aquarium

We offer engaging, hands-on, curriculum based programs for children from P1 to P7, and S1 to S3.

These programs allow students to explore their local environments and inspire curiosity, through hands on engagment.

Aquarium visit, tour and Touchpool

Visit the aquarium and join one of our staff members for an in-depth tour of the aquarium, or why not experience one of our famous touch pool demonstrations.

Aquarium tour (30 minutes approx.)

Touch pool demonstration (30 minutes approx.)

Timings will depend on class size and age.